Monday, January 19, 2009

the fabric of our life gets torn your arms i'd stay forever

forever if i could
forever if i may
keep me in your thoughts, don't disappear.

i am on your side
and so alive
i'm so alive
it isn't real.

i hate that i am so nostalgic.
sometimes i feel like im living in the past.
always think about the past
i always think about the people that i lost.
and it makes me mad that i let that happen.
i miss my friends.
i always think about them
i always wonder how they are doing.
they say friendship last forever...
that's a lie.
i guess some friends were good losing but some not.
there will always be those four people that i will never stop thinking about.
hmm it's pretty pathetic that i have no friends :(
but at least i have one :)
one bestfriend, my boyfriend :)

well that's all i've got