Friday, January 16, 2009


me and my sister.

what can i say? I love The Beatles <3

it has been unbelievably cold. so cold no one can even go outside.
it's really annoying i must say...
i miss my boyfriend :(
it's really hard right now to see eachother alot because of school 
and this damn weather...
but anyways i started reading The Girl With a Pearl Earring, it's actually really good
i started reading it last night and i'm pretty much almost done
i'm suprised i never read it before...oh well at least i'm reading it now


nicole said...

who could blame you for liking the beatles?they're amazing oh & you're so pretty :]
I decided to check out your blog because I just realized you're my first follower & I'll link you once I get on the computer.