Sunday, April 26, 2009

a lisztomania!

soo i painted my room,
and yes i actually painted it with the help from my brother of course!
it used to be a bright green and now its a darkk grey
hah i guess i needed a change 
but now i'm kinda regretting it :/ oops...
i'm sure i'll get used to it :)

i am soooo happy it's starting to get warmer out. no more winter jackets! :) :) :)

ok so for anybody that actually reads my blog haha umm listen/watch this music video
it's a pretty awesome song i hope you guys like it! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

happiness is overrated.

Oh, I'm such a bore, I'm such a bore
I don't do anything anymore
I just count these ceiling tiles falling through my floor.

i miss my friends. it's really sad that we all grew apart. 
it's funny because we thought we would be friends forever.
but we still talk or see each other once in a while...
but we all became so different, it's not the same anymore.
and i guess that's what i miss, i miss  who we once were.
i miss the memories we once had.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's the kinda ending you don't wanna see.

people are people,
and sometimes we change our minds.
...if only it were that easy.

don't let go
i've wanted this far too long.

as you can see i'm quite bored..i'm waiting for my class to start blahhh
i'm already in my summer break mode hah i've been missing class alot..oops :/
so anyways my boyfriend is about to graduate from Loyola University :) i'm soo excited for him! he worked so hard and i am so proud of him :)
i wish i was graduating college already lol i have 3 more years ahead of me hah
i feel like there are so many things that i still want to do
but i just don't have the motivation?
ohhh wellll