Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's the kinda ending you don't wanna see.

people are people,
and sometimes we change our minds.
...if only it were that easy.

don't let go
i've wanted this far too long.

as you can see i'm quite bored..i'm waiting for my class to start blahhh
i'm already in my summer break mode hah i've been missing class alot..oops :/
so anyways my boyfriend is about to graduate from Loyola University :) i'm soo excited for him! he worked so hard and i am so proud of him :)
i wish i was graduating college already lol i have 3 more years ahead of me hah
i feel like there are so many things that i still want to do
but i just don't have the motivation?
ohhh wellll


nicole said...

such a cute outfit, love the leggings and that ruffly cardigan.

laughing with your broken eyes said...

thanks girl!

Newborn Hippy. said...

I like what you write.
we seem to think a like

Ashley said...

thanks yeahh i noticed that too lol